Cross Stitch


Each blue grid on the chart above represents a Cross Stitch on your fabric.

Each line on this chart represents one fabric thread.

Looking at the diagram above the first leg of a Cross Stitch will come up at step 1, go left diagonally over two fabric threads and take the thread down at step 2.

Then you bring your threaded needle up at step 3 and cross your stitch by going over two fabric threads, the previous stitch and down at step 4.

You can work your Cross Stitches in any direction you would like, but do them in the same direction consistently. The choice is yours as either direction is acceptable.

In this diagram the stitch has the arrow beside it or over it and the fabric thread diagram is to the right of the stitch diagram.

For Cross Stitches over one fabric thread, make the first stitch in such a way that the back of the stitch matches the fabric thread. So that means if you are working over a horizontal thread the back of you stitch will be horizontal, if you are working over a vertical thread the back of your stitch will be vertical. ©2001, Linda Fontenot,