"Squared Eye"

Squared Eye

Each line represents a fabric thread.

On the diagram above, I bring the working thread up at step 1, then going clockwise I take it down at the next corner to form a loose loop.

Buttonhole Stitch

I skip step 2 and do steps 1 and 3 of the buttonhole stitch when I do them in each of the next corners between the Klosters,

Back at 1 again, I wrap the working thread around the first loop stitch by going under, over, then under it, and

Then carefully pull the working thread through the back of the Kloster. Generally you want to run the thread in the opposite direction of the wrap so that it causes the wrap to lay down properly around the first loop or stitch at 1

See Doves Eye for more details and explanations. The Squared Eye is like Doves Eye except for the placement of the Buttohonle stitch. ©2004, Linda Fontenot, www.AmericanFolkArts.com